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Caitlin Houghton

Los Angeles, USA

Caitlin graduated surgical residency from University of California, Irvine then went on to fellowship at University of California, San Diego.  Her fellowship was in minimally invasive bariatric and foregut surgery.  She is currently Assistant Professor of Surgery at The University of Southern California.

Her main focus in practice is Robotic Foregut Surgery where she specializes in GERD, hiatal hernias, Esophageal dysmotility and tumors of the esophagus and stomach.  She is passionate in not only providing the best care to her own patients but in training other surgeons to do the same.  She is a Mentor of foregut surgery for the IHC, she proctors surgeons in both Robotic surgery and LINX, and she hosts case observations.  Caitlin currently holds positions in two prestigious societies.  She acts as Co-chair of the Robotics committee for the American Foregut Society and is on the Planning Committee for the American Hernia Societies Annual meeting in 2020.